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If you would like Barry to present a Workshop at your Church or Centre, contact him using the email or telephone number above.  Or speak to whomever is responsible for arranging these things in your local Church or Centre, usually a committee member.

Barry can also hold an evening of clairvoyance in you home, for a maximum of twenty people.  Your home could provide a more personal location to allow loved ones in the world of spirit to draw close with a more personal message for you, your family and friends.

For more information please contact Barry

Barry has a exceptional gift he can see your Aura, which contains colours relating to your past, present, and future?

When you attend an Evening of FLOWER Clairsentience with Barry you should bring a flower of your choice with you. One you have picked from either a garden or shop, (sometimes it’s better to go to a Supermarket and buy an assortment, look at the flowers and ask yourself “what colour should I pick?”

When you have decided on the colour, then hold it for a few minutes so as put your own vibrations on it.

Make sure no one else touches the flower!

When you arrive at the hall, you will receive two halves of the same raffle ticket.  One you will keep, the other one you will attach to your  flower.

When Barry picks up a flower he will call out the number on the raffle ticket attached to it. Do not tell him who you are, just listen for a little while, whilst he talks about what the flower is giving to him.

After a few minutes he will ask you to identify yourself as the owner of the flower, so that he can link in and see your Aura.  

Following that he will link with his guides in the World of Spirit and use his Clairvoyant and Clairaudient gifts to give you a message from your loved ones in the World of Spirit.

Of course, Barry does not always work with flowers, so please make sure what type of event you are attending. For example, most Sunday evenings held in Churches are “Divine Services” and Barry will prove Spirit using his clairvoyant and clairaudient gifts.

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6th July 2019

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