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It all started a long time ago, as a child Barry would wake up to find his parents at his bed side, they were worried that he was having night mares, because they said he was talking to someone in his sleep.

Barry explained to his parents that he was talking, in his dreams, to a man who was bald on the top of his head, but his hair was silver and flowing down to his shoulders. This man was wearing a blue robe and he would tell Barry about the world that he lived in. However, Barry’s parents were Jewish and did not believe or understand what was happening.

When Barry was thirteen years old, one of his friends, who Barry now realises, must have been as a spiritualist, told him that he had heard a voice telling him to look in a certain place and that he would find a ring. The voice told this boy that the ring would show him who his guide was.  The boy looked where he had been told by Spirit and found the silver ring and on it there was an engraving of a North American Indian. To his surprise when he tried this ring on, it fitted him perfectly!

Sometime later Barry’s friend came to visit him at home.  On that same day Barry’s father was suffering badly with a headache.  Barry’s friend offered healing to Barry’s father, who reluctantly agreed and to his surprise within a short space of time of this young boy administering healing, Barry’s father’s headache disappeared.

As Barry grew up, accepting his Jewish role, as decided by his parents, these Spiritual experiences were all left behind him.


However, it was in the 1980’s that the spiritual activity was again to resurface. Barry had been a meat-eater all his life, but suddenly one day when a meal was put in front of him he became aware of the animal it had come from.  As different meals were presented to him he would visualise the cow, chicken, etc., in his head. So strong was the visualisation that Barry was left with no option than to become a vegetarian.

During the 1980’s Barry visited Westcliff Spiritualist Church in Essex, with his then wife Betty. This was where he had his first experience within a Spiritualist Church. It was proved to him that there was life after death.  Barry continued to go to Westcliff  Church, to see how different mediums worked, not realising that one day he would be a working Medium himself!

In the early 1980’s Barry was invited into a development circle at the home of a Mrs Tye, who proved to be a very good teacher and circle leader. He started to learn about Spirit and Mrs Tye helped him to develop his Clairvoyance, Clairsentience & Clairaudience. Barry also became very interested in healing, as a result of which he and his wife started a healing sanctuary called Blue Waters, named after Barry’s healing guide, where so many people found help that they needed.  

After a little while Barry started to teach others how to administer healing, sharing his gift with those whom spirit had chosen to use as their instruments. Many people attended the sanctuary and Barry had the privilege of being used by spirit, to help many with the healing power Spirit had bestowed upon him.  On one such occasion a young lady arrived at the sanctuary with crutches, but was able to leave them behind when she left, saying that she no longer needed them.

On another occasion a couple arrived at Blue Waters Healing Sanctuary, who had been recommended to attend by someone they had met on Southend beach! The lady asked for healing and her husband asked if he could sit in on the healing session, to which Barry agreed. After Barry had administered the healing, he asked the lady to raise her right arm, which she did. At that point her husband promptly fainted.  After being brought round and consuming a drink of water, he explained that he had fainted with shock!  His wife had been suffering with a frozen shoulder for over twenty years. This gentleman had to do most things for his wife, even combing her hair and to see her raise her arm after all this time was something of a miracle (as he described it).  

Barry and his wife Betty continued to run the sanctuary, with Spirit using Betty as a very successful platform medium.  Over the years Barry joined Betty on the platform giving spiritual addresses before Betty’s services and then following in her footsteps on the platform applying his spiritual gift of clairsentience using flowers to give messages to people.

As the years passed Betty become ill and sadly passed to Spirit in 2006, after which Barry continued on the platform alone, not only using his clairsentient gift, but also using his clairvoyance and clairaudience to bring forward those messages from the loved ones in the world of Spirit to those here on the earth plane.


To this very day Barry regularly serves Churches and Centres all over the county and abroad bringing proof and understanding to all those whom he comes into contact with.

If you would like to see Barry work, visit his Events page for dates, times and addresses of where he is working.