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Sai came to me

It was Sunday, 15th January 2006 after a meal in a restaurant with some friends  it

    was time to leave. I told them to wait where they were, while I went to get the car,

    but on the way, I tripped over a pothole in a private road.  My left leg was underneath

    me, my right leg was still in the pothole, and I could not get up.  A car was coming

    along the road and I was lucky that it didn’t run me over.  The driver stopped and

    got out to help me up, just as some other people, who were out walking came over

    to help me.  They asked me if I was all right and I said yes, thanked them, and made

    my way to my car. I managed to drive and pick up my friends and drive to their home,

    where we had some tea. After about 15 minutes the pain in my elbow was so bad I felt

    that I ought to go to the hospital.

My arm was x-rayed.  I was told that I had broken the humerus bone (sometime called

    the funny bone), and that I would have to see the consultant on Tuesday, January

    17th at 10:35am.  I was very upset that they never put my arm in plaster. Instead,

    all the hospital did was to send me home with my arm in a sling and told me that

    I should take painkillers. It was 5.30pm when we arrived home. By this time, the

    pain was so bad that I took two painkillers and I went to bed.  I managed to doze

    off for some time but then, as I got up to go to the toilet, the shock started to

    come out; I was sweating and my whole body shook.

I went back to bed and after I had been in bed for about half-an-hour,  I looked

    at the time, it was one a.m. Monday morning.  I looked at the door of the bedroom

    and to my surprise, I saw Sai Baba coming through the door, followed by a Surgeon.

     As they came into the bedroom the surgeon was already gowned up - I could see the

    green hat and the gown. He had taken his mask off from his right ear and it was still

    over his left ear.  Baba walked round to my bed and said ‘you will be better tomorrow.”

     Then they walked away and disappeared!

When I got out of bed in the morning, I felt fifty per cent better.  I was able to

    have a shower, but found I could not manage to put my socks on or move my hand, so

    that I could shave. I thought back to what Sai had said and I was confused.  Sai

    had said, “you will be better tomorrow.” So why wasn’t I?   As I pondered on this,

    I realised that Sai had come to me in the early hours of “THIS MORNING”, so it was

    still the same day, tomorrow was the next day!

When tomorrow (Tuesday) came, I was able to have a shower, put on my socks and even

    have a shave, as my left hand did stay on my face. Just as Baba had said, I was better

    and there was no pain in my elbow.  I went to see the consultant, he took my hand

    and started to bend my arm forward towards my shoulder and then he asked me to put

    my hand on my shoulder, which I did.  I told him that I had no pain and he replied

    that I must have a strong pain threshold.  “ It’s  impossible to do that” he shouted!

    I repeated that I was not in any pain and that Baba had given me a psychic operation.

    With that, he said I should have another x-ray.  I asked him again if my bone was

    broken, he pointed to the previous x-ray and showed me the break.

On Tuesday 24th January, I returned to the hospital to see yet another consultant

    and had another x-ray.  This consultant was the Head of the Orthopaedic Department

    and he was surprised that I had so much movement in my arm. He said to me “whatever

    it is you are doing, keep doing it.” He did not even give me a follow-up appointment.

    He seemed to be in a hurry so unfortunately I never had time to tell him that Sai

    Baba had given me an operation.